Alexander May - Cape Town's favourite comedy magician


Experience the magic of Alexander May right in your own home or office via the magic of live online streaming!

Even on your laptop or phone screen, this show is still highly interactive with jaw dropping magic, comedy & mind-reading. That’s right, Alexander May will let YOU do magic and read YOUR mind through your screen all the way from his home studio Cape Town, South Africa! Watch and enjoy live performing arts while still adhering to social distancing.

Contact us today to set it up!

Watch the trailer for the Zoom / Online Shows offered by Alexander May:
  • Something completely different from what you normally see. Everyone has seen singers or bands online, but how many times have you done magic or have your mind read over the internet?!
  • Social distancing approved! No physical gathering or travel needed, we're all connecting through our screens.
  • Great team-building idea. Interactive team-building sessions are highly effective, and especially needed in this current situation.

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