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Alexander May creates premium realistic-looking sponge items for magicians and performers. You might have even spotted some of our sponges on Netflix shows and viral YouTube & TikTok videos with millions of views! Every item for sale is HAND-MADE (not molded) and crafted to look as close to the real thing as possible. We believe these products are far superior to anything else on the market. 

You can purchase any of these items at magic shops around the world, through Murphy's Magic. Simply click here to see which ones you would like, and if the shop you usually buy from doesn't have it in stock simply tell them to order it for you from Murphy's.

Please note that if your magic shop / dealer is not able to source them through Murphy’s Magic, or for custom design enquiries, please contact us.

Alexander May Creative Worx
Dan Harlan / Penguin Magic Tarbell series
"You make some mighty fine fake food! Your sponge creations were perfect for my purpose."

- Dan Harlan
Making use of a range of our sponge items for the Tarbell Video Series with Penguin Magic
Sponge Bananas Alexander May

Sponge Bananas              $20 / $25

Set of 2 bananas. Perfect for the Multiplying Banana Routine! Small size bananas measure approx. 15cm in length, large size approx. 20cm. Available in medium and large sizes. Click here for tutorial video.

Sponge Balloon Dog Alexander May

Sponge Balloon Dog                $25

A twisted balloon animal - made from sponge! Fold it it, palm it, even jump on it - it will never pop! Measures approx. 25cm long x 15cm tall. CLICK HERE for a video with ideas, routines & gags!

Sponge Chocolate Doughnut Alexander May

Sponge Chocolate Doughnut     $16

Sponge doughnuts glazed with chocolate! These WILL fool your audience when you make it appear out of some unexpected place during the show! Silicone glazing is very flexible & durable. Measures 9cm in diameter and 5cm tall. Multiplying doughnuts tutorial video. 

Sponge Rubiks Cube Alexander May

Sponge Rubik's Cube                $25

This is THE sponge you have been looking for!!! A very realistic Rubik’s Cube made out of sponge! Very limited supply as this is a time consuming item to create. Measures approx. 7cm x 7cm. Click here for video. 

Sponge Cupcakes Alexander May

Sponge Cupcakes                    $12

Careful, people might try to eat these! Set of 2 cupcakes, light brown ‘cake’ part with pink icing and a cherry on top. Another great food production item. Measures approx. 6cm wide x 5cm tall.

Sponge Baguette Alexander May

Sponge Baguette                       $16

One of our most popular items - the french loaf. This looks very realistic and producing it from somewhere always gets big reactions! Measures approx. 30cm long.

Sponge Cake Slice Alexander May

Sponge Cake - Slice                   $10

You might want to actually eat this one! Brown chocolate cake with pink icing, and a cherry on top. Measures approx. 8cm long x 9cm tall x 5cm wide.

Sponge Chocolate Doughnut with Sprinkles Alexander May

Sponge Chocolate Doughnut with Sprinkles                              $17.50

Highly realistic looking doughnut covered with chocolate and sprinkles! This sponge doughnut has a layer of silicone that looks just like chocolate sauce. Sprinkles also made out of silicone. Measures 9cm in diameter and 5cm tall. Multiplying doughnuts tutorial video.

Sponge Hammer Alexander May

Sponge Hammer                      $15

Brilliant comedy potential! Great prop for children’s entertainers. Substitute this hammer for a wand and get them laughing. Measures approx. 10cm wide x 25cm tall.

Sponge Hamburger Alexander May

Sponge Hamburger                  $16

Full size hamburger - upsized just for you! Bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese and beef patty. Another great food production item. Measures approx. 9cm wide x 5cm tall.

Sponge Doughnut Alexander May

Sponge Doughnut                  $12

Keep the cops away! Yummy looking round doughnut with white powdered sugar coating. Looks good enough to eat! Measures 9cm in diameter and 5cm tall. Multiplying doughnuts tutorial video.

Sponge Cement Brick Alexander May

Sponge Cement Brick               $10

The classic gag! Throw this sponge brick into the audience to select your next assistant and watch them jump! Measures approx. 20cm long x 10cm tall x 10cm wide.

Sponge Carrots Alexander May

Sponge Carrots                         $15

Produce some carrots for your bunny! Or do the Multiplying Carrots instead of bananas. Good comedy potential. Measures approx. 15cm in length. Set of 2 carrots. Click here for tutorial video. 

Sponge French Fries Alexander May

Sponge French Fries                $18

Feeling a bit hungry? Take out some fries from your purse frame! Realistic looking box full of French Fries at your fingertips. Measures approx. 9cm wide x 15cm tall.

Sponge Ice Cream Alexander May

Sponge Ice Cream                    $16

You know you want one of these!!! End off your show by pulling an ice-cream from someone’s ear! This is also a must-have for any kids performer. Measures approx. 14cm.

Sponge Apple Alexander May

Sponge Apple                            $12

Food production item. Turn the old routines on their heads - use this sponge apple instead of bananas or carrots! Measures approx. 5cm tall x 6cm wide.

Sponge Hotdog with Mustard Alexander May

Sponge Hotdog & Mustard  $16.50

A realistic, life-sized sponge hot dog - a “grilled” sausage topped with silicone “mustard”! Great for production items or change bags, or palm it and pull it from a volunteer’s shoe! Many gags possible with this one. Measures approx. 17cm long.

Sponge Corn on the Cob Alexander May

Sponge Corn on the Cob         $16

Realistic Corn on the Cob. Looks good enough to eat! Measures 6cm wide x 15cm long.

Sponge Pink Doughnut Alexander May

Sponge Pink Doughnut         $17.50

It looks absolutely delicious! Here’s a realistic looking sponge doughnut with “strawberry” topping and “chocolate” sprinkles made from silicone - highly flexible and durable. Produce from a dove pan or even your pocket during the show! Measures approx. 9cm wide x 5cm tall.

Sponge Broccoli Alexander May

Sponge Broccoli                     $12

Teach the kids about healthy veggies by doing the well-known multiplying bananas, but with broccoli! Or use a chance bag to transform them into something more tasty to increase your popularity! Measures approx. 8cm tall x 5cm wide. Set of two.

Sponge Halloween Pumpkin Alexander May

Sponge Halloween Pumpkin     $13

Fantastic sponge to use in your Halloween-themed shows! Use this sponge instead of the boring red balls or for loads & appearances. Measures approx. 6cm wide x 6.5cm tall.

Sponge Ginger Bread Man Alexander May

Sponge Gingerbread Man         $15

This is a great sponge item for themed shows and routines! Don't make a boring cake appear - "magically" bake a gingerbread man to suit the season! Take a bite off his arm, then magically restore him! Measures approx. 15cm long x 1.5cm wide.

Sponge Jumbo Wand Alexander May

Sponge Jumbo Wand                $12

What would a magic show be without a magic wand? Give this jumbo wand to your new 'assistant' to wave around and make the magic happen (or go wrong!) - perfect for children's shows. Measures approx. 30cm (12 inches) long.

Sponge Red Brick Alexander May

Sponge Red Brick                     $10

The old-time comedy classic for good reason! When selecting your next volunteer, throw this very realistic looking red brick into the audience. Guaranteed laughs, always a hit! Measures approx. 20cm x 5cm x 5cm.

Sponge Marshmallows Alexander May

Sponge Marshmallows (4)         $20

Throw out those sponge balls and use sponge marshmallows! Marshmallows are MUCH more relatable to kids than a sponge ball - and they'll love it when they appear and disappear in their hands! Measures approx. 4.5cm long x 3.5cm wide.

Sponge Strawberries Alexander May

Sponge Strawberries (4)          $25

Throw out those sponge balls and use sponge strawberries! Children have probably never seen a red sponge ball, but they all know what strawberries are! And they'll love it when they appear and disappear in their hands! Measures approx. 5.5cm long x 3cm wide.

Sponge Mushrooms Alexander May

Sponge Mushrooms (2)           $12

Set of two sponge mushrooms - great for magic that has a fairytale or storytelling theme! Or use it when you do your food productions from a hat or dove pan. You can even switch in these for regular sponge ball routines! Measures approx. 6cm long x 5cm wide.

Sponge Large Cake Alexander May

Sponge Large Cake               $40

Forget that silly ‘cake’ that won’t fool a blindfolded person! This cake is custom made to fit your dove pan, and actually looks like a real cake! Hollowed out inside to compress better. Silicone icing, sprinkles and cherries. Measures approx. 25cm (9 inches) high, diameter dependent on requirements.

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