Alexander May - Cape Town's favourite comedy magician


Cape Town magician Alexander May

Alexander May won first place in the Stage Magic category at the 2023 South African National Magic Championships, and thereby got awarded the title of SA Stage Magic Champion for 2023. The competition was held on October 7th at the Homecoming Centre (previously Fugard Theatre) in Cape Town and featured magicians from across the country.

The Championships were co-hosted by the College of Magic and the Cape Magicians Circle. Each act has ten minutes to perform and judges award points based on criteria such as originality, audience reactions, entertainment value and more.

Alexander's act was based on a silent movie character and included a variety of illusions and mind-boggling feats of magic, including the appearance of a "huge, scary white tiger" that turned out to be his daughter! The audience was amazed, and the judges were so impressed that they awarded him the top prize.

In an interview after the competition, he said that he was "thrilled" to have won first place. "It was a great feeling to be able to showcase my magic and creativity on such a big stage, and I am truly grateful to the judges for the recognition." 

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