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(MENTA)LISTS is a revolutionary system that allows the mentalist to predict the outcome of a game of word association.

Everybody is familiar with the game of word association. One person thinks of a word, then the next person says another word that can somehow be associated with it, and so it continues. For example: Frog – Green – Apple – Tree – Squirrel etc.

(MENTA)LISTS gives you the power to accurately predict the final word that will be named!

With (MENTA)LISTS they can now select their own words! That’s right – they can think of ANY random words that come to mind… and you are able to correctly read their thoughts before they even had them!

In fact, you can even have an audience member make the prediction!

“What a sweet, subtle yet powerful concept.”
- Banachek

“Ingenious and very well thought out.”
- Richard Osterlind

“Very clever indeed.”
- Ken Dyne

“A brilliant idea and a great concept. Congratulations!”
- Greg Arce

“Alexander May has taken an existing principle and turned it into a whole new miracle.”
- Vanish Magazine

- No progressive anagrams
- No fishing
- No pre-show
- No dual reality
- No instant stooging

Includes full routines and additional ideas by Banachek and Greg Arce.




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